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Untitled 12" "Two Bibles"1981 "Green On Red"1982 "Gravity Talks"1983 "Gas Food Lodging"1985
Untitled 12" - "Two Bibles" "Green On Red" "Gravity Talks" "Gas Food Lodging"


"No Free Lunch"1985 "The Killer Inside Me"1987 "Here Come The Snakes"1988 "The Killer Inside Me"/"No Free Lunch"1988
"No Free Lunch" "The Killer Inside Me" "Here Come The Snakes" "The Killer Inside Me/No Free Lunch"


"Live At The Town & Country Club" 10"1989 "This Time Around"1989 "Scapegoats"1991 "The Best Of Green On Red"1991
"Live At The T & C Club" "This Time Around" "Scapegoats" "The Best Of Green On Red"


"The Little Things In Life"1991 "Too Much Fun"1992 "Green On Red/Gas Food Lodging"1992 "No Free Lunch/The Killer Inside Me"1992
"The Little Things In Life" "Too Much Fun" "Green On Red/Gas Food Lodging" "No Free Lunch/The Killer Inside Me"


"Archives Vol. 1"1998
"What Were We Thinking?"


"Black River" 7" (with Rain Parade on flipside)1985 "Gas Food Lodging" Spanish 7"1985 "Time Ain't Nothin'" 7"1985 "Gas Food Lodging" 10"1986
"Black River" 7" "Gas Food Lodging"  7" "Time Ain't Nothing" 7" "Gas Food Lodging"  10"


"Clarkesville"1987 "Born To Fight"1987 "Keith Can't Read" 7"1989 "This Time Around" 7"1989
"Clarkesville"  7" & 12" "Born To Fight" 7" & 12" "Keith Can't Read"  7" "This Time Around"  7"


"You Couldn't Get Arrested"1990 "Little Things In Life" 7"1991
"You Couldn't Get Arrested"  7", 12" & CD "Little Things In Life" 7"


"Smokestack Lightning" 12" Promo1985 "Here Comes The Snakes" 12" Promo1988 "Interview" 7"1989 "She's All Mine" CD Promo1992
"Smokestack Lightning" 12" "Here Come The Snakes" 12" "Johnny Walker Interview" 7" "She's All Mine" CD