Green On Red Logo"Here Come The Snakes"   Photo: William Eggleston







CHINA 889 294-2 1989 U.K. C.D.
ARIOLE 1 1989 U.S.A. L.P.
(1000 in Green Vinyl)

Produced By Jim Dickinson & Joe Hardy (A Har-Dic Production)
Engineered By Roland Janes and Joe Hardy
Recorded And Mixed At Sam Phillips Recording Services, Memphis, Tn. & Ardent Recording Studio, Memphis, Tn.
Published By Empire Music Ltd.


1 Keith Can't Read 3:22 Stuart/Prophet (Also on "The Best Of" & 7" Single)
2 Rock 'n' Roll Disease 3:08 Stuart/Prophet (Also on "Little Things")
3 Morning Blue 3:58 Stuart/Prophet (Also on "The Best Of")
4 Zombie For Love 3:53 Stuart/Prophet (Also on "The Best Of")
5 Broken Radio 3:52 Stuart/Prophet (Also on "Little Things")
6 Change 5:01 Stuart/Prophet
7 Tenderloin 5:02 Stuart/Prophet
8 Way Back Home 2:29 Stuart/Prophet
9 D. T. Blues 3:33 Stuart/Prophet
10 We Had It All 2:52 Seals/Fritts (Also on "Little Things")


The Serfers Dan Stuart Vocals, Guitar Chuck & Dan  - Photo: Tom Sheehan
Chuck Prophet Acoustic, Electric 6 & 12 String, Guitars & Vocals
Rene Coman Bass
Jim Dickinson
Joe Hardy
Paul Ebersold
Ed Kollis
The Zombie Choir


Special Thanks: Randy McReynolds                          "Here Come The Snakes" US