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CHINA WOLCD 1001 1991 U.K. C.D.

Produced By Al Kooper
Recorded By Garey Laney, asssisted by Linell
Mixed By Al Kooper
Recorded At The Sound Emporium, Nashville, Tn
Pre-Production Assistance J. D. Foster (Austin) Randy McReynolds (Tucson)
Published By Empire Music except 9 Empire Music/Copyright Control


1 A Guy Like Me Stuart/Prophet
2 Little Things In Life Stuart/Prophet (Also on "Best Of","Little Things" & 7" Single)
3 Two Lovers (Waitin' To Die) Stuart/Prophet
4 Gold In The Graveyard Stuart/Prophet (Also on "Little Things")
5 Hector's Out Stuart/Prophet (Also on "Little Things")
6 Shed A Tear (For The Lonesome) Stuart/Prophet (Also on "Little Things")
7 Blowfly Stuart/Prophet
8 Sun Goes Down Stuart/Prophet
9 Where The Rooster Crows Stuart/Prophet/Oldham/Penn
10 Baby Loves Her Gun Stuart/Prophet (Also on "Best Of")


The Serfers Dan Stuart Vocals Dan Stuart
Chuck Prophet Guitars
Daren Hess Drums
Michael Rhodes Plank & Upright Basses
Al Kooper Keyboards
Eddie Bayers Brushes (2)
Tony Joe White Harmonica (3,10) Chuck Prophet
Sam Bush Mandolin, Banjo (6)
Glenn Wort Bass (7)
Harry Stinson Drums (7)
Dan Penn Guitar (9)
Spooner Oldham Piano (9)


Special Thanks to - Susan Dey, Gerry Jaffe, The Hotel Congress and all at China Records

This one's for Nuria and Stephi