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"Brother Aldo"1990 "Balinese Dancer"1993 "Feast Of Hearts"1995 "Homemade Blood"1997
"Brother Aldo "Balinese Dancer" "Feast Of Hearts" "Homemade Blood"


"The Hurting Business"1999
"The Hurting Business"


"Longshot Lullabye"1995 "Til You Came Along"1997
"Longshot Lullabye" "Til You Came Along"


"Balinese Dancer" 4 Track Promo1993 "Heart Breaks Like The Dawn" 3 track Promo1993 "Feast Of Hearts" 4 Track Promo1995 1997
"Balinese Dancer" 4 Track "Heart Breaks..." 3 Track "Feast Of Hearts" 4 Track "Electric" 5 Track Cassette

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