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MUSIC CLUB MCCD 037 1991 U.K. C.D.

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1 Gold In The Graveyard Stuart/Prophet (From "Scapegoats")
2 Shed A Tear (For The Lonesome) Stuart/Prophet (From "Scapegoats")
3 Broken Radio Stuart/Prophet (From "Here Come The Snakes")
4 Rock 'n' Roll Disease Stuart/Prophet (From "Here Come The Snakes")
5 Good Patient Woman Stuart/Prophet (From "This Time Around")
6 Little Things In Life Stuart/Prophet (From "Scapegoats")
7 The Quarter Stuart/Prophet (From "This Time Around")
8 Pills And Booze Stuart/Prophet/Oldham (From "This Time Around")
9 We Had It All Seals/Fritts (From "Here Come The Snakes")
10 Hector's Out Stuart/Prophet (From "Scapegoats")
11 Zombie For Love (Live) Stuart/Prophet (From "Live At The T&C")
12 16 Ways (Live) Stuart (From "Live At The T&C")
13 Change (Live) Stuart/Prophet (From "Live At The T&C")
14 Fading Away (Live) Stuart (From "Live At The T&C")
15 Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (Live) Waylon Jennings (From "Live At The T&C")
16 Hair Of The Dog (Live) Stuart (From "Live At The T&C")


The Serfers Dan Stuart Vocals, Guitar Chuck 'n' Dan        Photo: Tom Sheehan
Chuck Prohet Guitars, Vocals
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