Green On Red Logo"The Killer Inside Me"    Photo: Ian Dawson   Sleeve by-Bullitt!







MERCURY 1987 U.S.A. L.P.

Produced By Jim Dickinson
Engineered By Mark Ettel and Joe Hardy
Recorded At El Dorado Studios, Los Angeles, CA & Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tenn.
Mixing Engineer Jim Hardy
Published By Polygram Music Publishing Ltd.


1 Clarkesville 4:10 Green On Red (Also on 7" & 12" Single)
2 Mighty Gun 4:17 Green On Red
3 Jamie 3:34 Green On Red
4 Whispering Wind 1:58 Green On Red
5 Ghost Hand 2:47 Green On Red (Also on 7" & 12" Single)
6 Sorry Naomi 4:25 Green On Red
7 No Man's Land 4:48 Green On Red
8 Track You Down (His Master's Voice) 3:21 Green On Red
9 Born To Fight 3:40 Green On Red (Also on 7" & 12" Single & "Best Of")
10 We Ain't Free 3:21 Green On Red
11 Killer Inside Me 5:42 Green On Red


The Serfers Dan Stuart Vocals, Guitar Green On Red     Photo: Dennis Keeley
The Serfers/Giant Sand/Junkyard Love Chris Cacavas Piano, Harmonica, Electric & Pump Organ & Prepared Piano
Serfers Jack Waterson Electric & Standup Bass
The Romans Keith Mitchell Percussion
Chuck Prophet Acoustic, Electric 6 & 12 String, Guitars, Baritone Guitar & Vocals
The Brown Brothers Background Singers
The White Sisters Background Singers
In Memory of ....
Jim Thompson, Howard Hughes brain, Bubba Memphis, (thanks for the rhymes Luther)
The Cactus Heads, Al the k, The Drum Doctor, Stoney and Dorain, Mr. Ed and Wilbur, Waldos,
The Brown Buffalo, Al Green, Soupy Sales, Dr. Nick, Lou Ford, Al Jackson, Chris Bell,
Gene Scott, R. B. Grieves, John "It's a TooooobFry", Sgt. Pepper, Jesus Christ Our Lord .... Dodger.

(L-R) Jack Waterson, Keith Mitchell, Dan Stuart, Chris Cacavas, Chuck Prophet - Photo: Dennis Keeley