Green On Red Logo"Too Much Fun"







CHINA WOLCD 1029 1992 U.K. C.D.

Produced By The Gruesome Twosome with J. D. Foster
Recorded By Randy McReynolds at 7n7 Studios, Tucson, AZ
Mixed By Mark Ettel at Alpha Studios, Burbank, Ca.
Published By Empire Music except 8 Empire Music/Copyright Control
& 12 - Rondor Music


1 She's All Mine Stuart/Prophet (Also on Promo CD)
2 Frozen In My Headlights Stuart/Prophet
3 Love Is Insane Stuart/Prophet
4 Too Much Fun Stuart/Prophet
5 The Getaway Stuart/Prophet
6 I Owe You One Stuart/Prophet
7 Man Needs Woman Stuart/Prophet
8 Sweetest Thing Stuart/Prophet/Oldham/Penn
9 Thing Or Two Stuart/Prophet
10 Hands And Knees Stuart/Prophet
11 Wait And See Stuart/Prophet
12 Rainy Days And Mondays Williams/Nichols


The Serfers Dan Stuart Vocals, Guitars Dan & Chuck      Photo: Nuria Morgado
The Serfers/Giant Sand/Junkyard Love Chuck Prophet Guitars, Vocals
J. D. Foster Bass, Moog, Organ, Percussion, Vocals
Chris Holland Hammond Organ, Piano, Vocals
Craig Schumacher Harmonica, Brass, Vocals
Tom Larkins Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Rainer Banjo (6) Dobro (9)
Bobby Soto Lead Guitar (6)
Randy McReynolds Snuck in a background vocal on (10)


Special Thanks to - Hotel Congress (the only place to stay in Tucson), the Chicago Store (that's not junk, it's "vintage"), the Time Market (we'll miss you Pocahontas), Van Christian (for raw inspiration), Mike Hyde (good work hoss), Jim Brady (groovy tubes dude), John Markovich (ya know what I mean?), Al Perry and Bryan Lohse (nice try fellas), Chris Burroughs (no honkytonk?), everyone at China Records (it's been a gas), Martin Elbourne (Errrrr...), Captain Scarlet (brave leadership), and the women we love and cherish.