"'Winging It" OW OM CD/DVD - 2009



OW OM 2009
Produced By Howe Gelb + Dave Draves
Mixed By: Dave Draves at Little Bullhorn, Ottawa
Recorded At: Ottawa National Archives, Canada - 2006
9 - Reading Town Hall, UK - 2006
Recorded By: Jarrett Bartlett - Live Sound - Rob Petrachuk
9 - Anders Boll
Mastered By Jim Blackwood at AZPM
All Songs By Howe Gelb
3 & 9 - Rainer Ptacek
© 2009 Scatterland My Little Darlin', BMI 
© 1989, 1998 Amazing Black Sand, BMI (tracks 2,5,12)
Except Tracks 3 & 9 by Rainer Ptacek © Mushed Music, BMI


Disc One - Live CD
1 Paradise Here Abouts 2:58
2 Dirty From The Rain 3:02
3 That's How Things Get Done 3:34
4 Spiral 3:59
5 Robes Of Bible Black 3:25
6 Vortexas 5:37
7 Ballad Of The Tucson 2 4:49
8 Hey Man 2:27
9 Worried Spirits 4:06
10 Howlin' A Gale 4:13
11 Nail In The Sky 3:10
12 Astonished 4:58
13 But I Did Not 4:52
14 Love Knows (No Borders) 4:16


Howe Gelb Guitar, Piano & Singing
Andrew McCormack Drums
Fred Guignion Slide Guitar
Jim Bryson Guitar 
Dave Draves Keyboards
Voices Of Praise Gospel Choir Steve Johnston (director)
Faith Johnston
Joy Clarke
Michael Shaw
Patrick Joseph
Neema Mugala
Christine Methengye
Jerusha Lewis
Judy Rodrigez
Suzan Lavertu
Michael Gibbs

Disc Two - "'Sno Angel Winging It" DVD

a film by Maria Mochnacz


rock documentaries suck.

this one is no different, except maybe, cause it was left in the talented hands of maria mochnaz (who shot and assembled the live p.j. harvey DVD) and follows the impossible notion of attaching an entire choir to the crinkle of desire to acquire. it works if you want it too. soothing, like reaffirming creme. loose, like cluster muck. the reliving is relieving and revealing. probably doesn’t suck at all.

the end