Cacavas  Logo"Pale Blonde Hell" Photo: Peter Orth - Artwork: Olaf Meyer









Produced By Chris Cacavas
Engineered By Joe Peccerillo
Mixed By Chris Cacavas & Joe Peccerillo (with help from Junk Yard Love)
Recorded At West Beach Recorders, Hollwood,CA
Mastered Next door at The Mastering Lab by Doug Sax, assisted by Gavin
Published By Llapengacho Music


1 Pale Blonde Hell Chris Cacavas
2 Rejection As Usual Chris Cacavas
3 Loser Chris Cacavas
4 Let You Down Chris Cacavas
5 Smolder Chris Cacavas
6 Stretched Like Twine Chris Cacavas
7 International Heartache Chris Cacavas (Version on "Six String Soapbox")
8 Song For The Fan Chris Cacavas
9 She Chris Cacavas
10 Turn Your Back Chris Cacavas
11 Six String Soapbox Chris Cacavas (Version on "Six String Soapbox")
12 Long Strange Road Chris Cacavas
13 She (Reprise) Chris Cacavas


Green On Red/Giant Sand Chris Cacavas Sang, flailed on guitar and played carnival music on a Hammond B-3
Rain Parade/Viva Saturn/Ghosthouse John Thoman Played lead, slide and rhythm guitar as if his life depended on it (?)
Darryl Jensen Provided testimony on the low end theory (Bass Y'all)
Viva Saturn Billy "Blaze" Price Put stick to skin and shook like a tambourine while he plotted his next move
Giant Sand/Calexico/OP8/FODM Joey Burns Played cello on 2, 4 and 12
Victoria Williams Sang background on 1 & 3
Sonya Hunter Sang background on 1 & 3

Chris Cacavas & Junk Yard Love Photo: Rainer Holz

Special thanks to: Susan Rose, who loaned us her cello. Larry Balmagia, whose black Strat cameos on a couple of songs. Howe Gelb, for the black magic SG. Darryl, for the awesome amplification.

Thanks & Much Love To;

Sandy, Nichole, Justin & Maya, Mr. Brett & Donnell C. "Grams" Price, Chris Bagarozzi, Pip, Clawhammer, Nicky, Dorian & Melanie, Mikey Borens, Roggie Baer, Giant Sand, Dr, Sydney Levy-Jensen, Marlow Jensen, God, Thomas Steinbrecher, Troy Hansbrough, Bad Religion, Christine & Carsten, Eloy Holsworth, Anthony & Andrea, Berthold Seliger, The Walkabouts (R.I.P.), Estibalitz Hernandez de Miguel, Christine P., Eric Stone, Heyday Records, Kim Watts, Billy Frank, Pet Clark, Horst Bernhardt, Ricky, Jack Waterson, Chris Holiman, The Psycho Sisters. .....Peace