Cacavas  Logo"New Improved Pain"  Artwork: Kallyn Campbell









Produced By Eric Westfall & Chris Cacavas & Junk Yard Love
Engineered & Mixed By Eric Westfall
Recorded At Summit Studios, Tucson AZ - Control Center, Hollywood, CA - Sage & Sound, Los Angeles, CA - Boulevard Sound, Hollywood, CA
Mixed At Boulevard Sound, Hollywood, CA - Mad Dog, Santa Monica, CA
Published By Llapengacho Music


1 Bellyful Of Bullets Chris Cacavas
2 Heart Of Sand Chris Cacavas
3 Flamethrower Chris Cacavas
4 Flying Chris Cacavas
5 Guns 'N' Weeds Chris Cacavas
6 Hung Chris Cacavas
7 Freak Chris Cacavas
8 Divining Rod Chris Cacavas
9 Lullaby Chris Cacavas
10 Cupid Chris Cacavas
11 Set It Right Chris Cacavas
12 K.Y.T.V. Chris Cacavas
13 Weight Around Chris Cacavas


Green On Red/Giant Sand Chris Cacavas Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica
Rain Parade/Viva Saturn/Ghosthouse John Thoman Lead & Slide Guitars
Darryl Jensen Bass & Vocals
Viva Saturn Billy "Blaze" Price Drums, Percussion & Vocals
Dumptruck/Steve Wynn Kirk Swan Mandolin
Hannah Marcus Backing Vocals
Mary Uhas Backing Vocals
Giant Sand Producer Eric Westfall Piano (11) Organ (2)


Many Thanks ! (and greetings too!)

Dru Rossbacher for the candy red strat, Catherine "Grams" Price, Maceo "Serge" Hill, Alicia Telting, Nathalie Jensen, Lilly and Marlow Jensen, Scott Mathers, Lori Landers, Scott Gordon, Michael Ackermann, Chris Brougham, Bug Music, Liza, Susan and the whole editorial dept., Sascha, Judith, Thomas Einloft, Christine Panarinfo, Pathrick "Patman" Guthrie, Lola, Denise and Cindy, Vince, Randy et al at the Blue Cafe, l.b.c.,Tim Grobaty, Steven Zepeda, Maureen Davis, Roggie Baer, Paul Eckman, Troy Hansbrough, Eric Stone, Danny McGough for the B-3, the Seven Deadly Five, Cathy Elton, Judd Cost, Gary Eaton, David Bloom, Ricky Novak, Mike Stewart for a strong back, Mercedes "Benz" et all at Que Sera, l.b.c., Rich Ferguson, Drop, Philly for the Wurlitzer, Club Congress, Bottom Of The Hill, Steve Wynn, Pat Thomas, Steve Escandon, Jack Waterson, Robert Lloyd, Rose dreher, Nicky, Nicola and Katarina, Friends Of Dean Martin, Giant Sand, Justin Maya and Nichole, Sangeeta, everyone at Normal, Matzi Wahni, Duane Jarvis, Silvia Beutl, Steven Roback, Elisa Keermode, Thomas and Kin, Missy Archaki, Viva Saturn, Dieter, Steff Beltran, Markus Walter, Ghosthouse, Sanni, Walter Edenhofer, Berthold Seliger.