Cacavas  Logo"Good Times" Photo: Caro Hodge - Cover art: Mikey Borens








HEYDAY 025 1992 U.S.A. C.D.

Produced By Brett Gurewitz & Chris Cacavas
Engineered & Mixed By Brett Gurewitz & Joe Peccerillo
except 9 & 11 - Engineered by Donnell Cameron and mixed by Russ Tolman & Chris Cacavas
Recorded At West Beach Recorders, Hollwood,CA
Mastered At The Rocket Lab, San Francisco, CA  by Paul Stubblebine
Published By Llapengacho Music


1 Just Do Something 4:05 Chris Cacavas
2 Saint 3:50 Chris Cacavas (Version On "Six String Soapbox")
3 Good Times 6:22 Chris Cacavas
4 Chain Of Roses 3:33 Chris Cacavas
5 Did You Hear What She Said? 4:45 Chris Cacavas
6 Empty Bottle Trail 5:22 Chris Cacavas (Version On "Six String Soapbox")
7 Trouble Mountain 3:32 Chris Cacavas
8 Over You 4:55 Chris Cacavas
9 Rocking Chair 4:00 Chris Cacavas
10 Many Splintered Thing 5:00 Chris Cacavas
11 What Makes A Man 4:30 Chris Cacavas


Green On Red/Giant Sand Chris Cacavas Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Organ, Wurlitzer Piano Chris Cacavas & Junk Yard Love
Rain Parade/Viva Saturn/Ghosthouse John Thoman Rhythm, Lead & Slide Guitar, Background Vocals
Mikey Borens Bass, Background Vocals
Viva Saturn Billy "Blaze" Price Drums, Tambourine, Background Vocals
The Romans/Steve Wynn Robert Lloyd Mandolin (8 & 11)


Thanks to Sandy, Nicole, Justin & Maya -- Love You

Special appreciation to Pat Thomas, Ron Gompertz, Katherine Waddell, Stacey Sperling, Troy Hansbrough, Mark Seigle, Brett, Maggie & Max, Chris Bagarazzi, Catherine "Grams" Price, Jack Waterson, Steve Wynn, Ron, Catherine, Susan Ames and all who helped make this recording possible.